On the sporadic nature of recent blog posts:

Who doesn’t get discouraged, or busy, or both? There’s solace in the fact that dormancy – the gathering in of energies and their conservation for an opportune moment – always breaks.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Rules for foraging during Wheat and Garlic Season

 #1 everything is wild. when you acknowledge that all things have their own life, completely interdependent but also completely independent of your own, then even food planted by your own hand is wild
#2 harvesting is foraging, foraging is harvesting. seeing the wheat seeing you back is foraging. seeing all food as your food wherever it may be is harvesting.
#3 there is always more than enough. consider the gleaners, on two legs, on four legs, on six, on none.
#4 find joy in interdependence. how the wheat wrapped around wheat makes a shock, how heads of garlic are supported up off the ground by the green stems of others to cure in the summer sun.